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Videography -†Gold Wedding

After their wedding, more than 1/2 of the brides who didn't have a videographer regret not doing so.†

With things like youtube, facebook video clips and video phones, this is truly the video age.† Pictures may remind you of your event, but video makes you feel like you are back at that big day!

Let us give you moving memories of your special occasion. Our videographers have multiple years of experience working with weddings (as well as other events).† Better still, our price point is much less than you would normally expect to pay, and if you bundle a videography package with one of our other services (DJ, Coordinator, A-V Rental), you can save even more.

Sure, you could have a family member or friend video tape the event, but why torture them like that!† This is a difficult and time consuming activity (when you do it right).† If they are doing a good job, they won't be able to celebrate with you at all...and is that what you really want?† Plus, shooting the wedding isn't even half of the job.† The real work comes after the event when all of the editing takes place.† Given our very attractive price, why not leave it to us?


  • videographyUp to 6 Hours Coverage (Pre-Ceremony, Ceremony & Reception)
  • 1†Staffed Camera for Ceremony Coverage (natural sound2)
  • 1 Staffed Camera for Reception (natural sound2)
  • High Definition Digital Video Camera (HDV)
  • New Digital Widescreen (16:9) format
  • Customized Menu
  • Editing is INCLUDED!
  • Scene changes/lead ins/outs for events
  • 3 DVD Copies3

Gold†Wedding Details ($1,495)

8 Hour Coverage

Recording begins 2 hours prior to ceremony

2 Camera Ceremony Coverage (1 manned and 1 unmanned)

1 Camera Reception

Reception Guest Interviews (if desired)

Bride and Groom Interviews (if desired)

8 DVDs with Menus