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AES Offers a Range of Live Music

Providing extraordinary customer service to our clients includes making available professional musicians that have a wide range of event experience.  They have been carefully screened to meet the highest criteria for musical performance, conduct and etiquette, and they have a vast amount of event experience which insures the highest level of performance for your special event.
Most classically trained musicians have a 1 to 1 1/2 hour minimum. For weddings this covers, pre-ceremony, ceremony & a small amount of post-ceremony music. This time frame is also perfect for corporate events in which cocktails & dinner music will be played.
Hiring a live musician through AES gives you a distinct advantage over other companies or even booking the musician on your own...we guarantee a back up for your musician with one of our certified disc jockeys.  So, no matter what, your event  will go smoothly using the same song selections and genres of music that you have already picked out.

What style of group should I choose?

Your individual taste, musical style and preferred instrumentation play a role in what to choose.  However, often overlooked when planning an event are the tastes of your guests!

Based on our many years of experience, may we humbly suggest what you already know...your guests may have wildly differing tastes in dance music.  Bear this in mind when making your decision.  You may personally find certain styles of music uninspiring, but appealing to all of your guests with a wide variety will add to the success of your event.

You can find a variety of music through AES Entertainment.  Questions?  Call AES today, we’d be happy to assist you in selecting the perfect musicians for your celebration.

How much does a band/musician cost?

This question has no definite answer!  An analogy would be asking how much a car costs?  It depends on too many factors to have a one-size-fits-all answer.  For a band, you could spend anything from "all the beer they can drink" (we don't represent those kinds of bands) to tens of thousands of dollars.  You have to decide what you feel comfortable with when it comes to professionalism, quality and musical style.

When it comes to wedding ceremonies and classically trained musicians, a "rule of thumb" is to count on about $300-$400 per musician for a typical one hour playtime (30 minutes prelude and 30 minutes ceremony).  However, some musicians may be more (or less) depending on the instrument...classical guitar players and harpists are usually on the higher side whereas pianists are usually on the lower side and bagpipers are often in the middle.  Travel is usually extra outside of the musicians "home-base." The good news is that additional time is often discounted beyond the first hour, so if you want the musician to stay a little longer after your ceremony to play for cocktails, this may not be too much more expensive.  Also, as with almost everything, discounts may be extended for off-peak (Monday-Friday) or off-season (January-March) events.

Enjoy some of the musical samples from the musicians we work with then we'll begin to explore specifics from there.