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Karaoke Rentals

One of our Karaoke Rentals is great way to add even more fun by making you and your guests the star of the "show."  How about an "American Idol" or "Star Search" theme for your next party?

Karaoke songs are recreations of the original without the lead vocalist which is where you come into the picture.  A karaoke CD played in a special karaoke player will display the words of the song on your T.V. so that you can follow along without having to remember all of the lyrics.
Our rental unit features our "Super CDG" player; the latest in karaoke technology which translates into more convenience for you, since each special CD contains over a thousand songs...no more swapping CDs after every song.   In additioon to the player and music, each rental includes two microphones, the catalog for finding music, and all the cables you need to hook up the unit to your T.V.
There are 3 rental options below in addition to an option where AES will host your party as the DJ/KJ (Karaoke Jock).  Take a look to see which one best suits your needs, and don’t forget that AES also sells karaoke equipment and music.  In short, karaoke can make your next event a “hit!”
Please note that this unit is best suited to small gatherings found in the typical residential setting.  It is not appropriate for bars or other public establishments where there will be large numbers of people.  In these cases, please consult with one of our staff members regarding additional sound support, T.V. monitors, etc.

Rental - Small Song Pack

karaoke rentalsContains approximately 500 songs... 150 classic fun songs and 350 "children's" tunes...no new stuff here, but there is still plenty of music to have a blast with your friends and family!
The picture at the right shows the front view of our highly specialized Karaoke player.  This machine is not found at your typical "big box" retailer.  Not only does it play standard karaoke CDs, but it also plays DVDs and the latest karaoke technology..."Super CDG's."

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Rental - Medium Song Pack

karaoke rentalsContains approximately 1,500 songs...a great selection of the all-time-favorites.  No "filler" music...our most popular package with music from Oldies through the 1990's.

The picture at the right shows the rear view of our highly specialized Karaoke player.

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Rentals - Large Song Pack

Contains over 3,000 songs...double the size of the "Medium Pack."  A good choice when you want all the favorites plus more depth as well as a selection of Disney tunes.  Music selection contains Oldies through the 1990's.

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karaoke party rentalsAES Hosted Karaoke

This option comes with approximately 12,000 karaoke songs AND over 15,000 regular songs from which to choose!  This means you can mix up the singing with dancing.  Also, this is the one to choose if you want the most up to date music.

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