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Every child dreams of being an astronaut, president or fireman. We donít have a Space Shuttle or Air Force One but we do have a Real Fire Truck!!! Make your Childs dreams come true.

Imagine the look on your Childs face when a REAL FULL SIZE RED FIRE TRUCK pulls up to their party with lights and sirens blazing.† The Party starts with an official happy birthday announcement from the Fire Truck PA system.† Our qualified Firefighter will then have volunteers from the birthday party help set up the fire truck.

Party activities include raising and lowering the 100í latter, spraying fire extinguishers and fire hoses, dressing up in fire fighter gear, fire safety demonstration and water cannon.† Children will be aloud to sit in the driversí seat and blow the air horn as well as make birthday announcements on the PA system.

Entertainment Investment:† $295 for the first hour and $175 for each additional hour plus mileage.† First 10 miles are free...$1.00 per mile for exact mileage fee.