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Event Coordinators

Our entertainers will tailor their performance to follow the event time line that you have created with our office event coordinator.† However, you may find it beneficial to hire one of our Day-of Event Coordinators to assist you with organizational activities during the event.

What Does A Day-Of Event Coordinator Do?

An Event Coordinator is helpful during all types of events; however, they are critical for more complex events such as weddings and mitzvahs or larger events such as corporate gatherings.† Activities of the coordinator include such items as participating in planning teleconferences or wedding rehearsals, communicating with other event professionals during the event, keeping the event on schedule and flowing smoothly, informing the DJ/emcee or musicians of changing priorities or upcoming activities, and assisting event participants (executive officers, wedding party members, family, etc.) in knowing when and where they should be at any given moment.† They have also been known, to bustle wedding dresses, set up gift tables that were forgotten, pour champagne and serve food when the catering staff was short-handed, and give up their own shirt to a groomsman who ripped his before a ceremony...to name just a few.

What Does A Day-Of Event Coordinator Not Do (and why not)?

A Day-Of Coordinator does not help you choose flowers (or determine that the correct ones arrive at the event site), ensure overall color coordination, verify that the menu you chose is what is actually served, pick out your cake, plan your honeymoon, write your speech, etc.† These are much more detailed functions that are best performed by a professional Event or Wedding Planner.† Wedding Planners typically charge for their services based on a percentage of your entire budget.† They are then responsible for ensuring that even the most minute details are executed according to plan.† A Day-Of Coordinator performs the functions listed in the previous paragraph and verifies actual vendor arrival and set up times, but the expectation is that these other professionals are capable of providing the services for which you hired them, and the specific details are left up to them.

Day-of Coordinator Benefits

Our Diamond package is designed for those who have most of their details confirmed but who require assistance organizing their wedding day, as well as an on-site coordinator to manage their rehearsal, ceremony, and reception.

  • Complimentary Initial Consultation.†
  • Tailor made AES online wedding ceremony and reception planner.†
  • Planning session 4-6 months, 4-6 weeks and 1 week prior to event.†
  • Personalized, detailed time line of ceremony and reception.†
  • Copies of personalized time lines distributed to all appropriate wedding professionals the day of the event (or earlier if possible).†
  • Etiquette advice and guidance.
  • Free recommendations and referrals for local event professionals including ceremony and reception sites, catering, photography, floral, bridesmaid luncheon site,† rehearsal dinner site, post-reception party site, and much more.†
  • Complete wedding rehearsal coordination (unlimited time).
  • Pre-Event Phone Call to all Vendors Confirming Day-of Setup Time.
  • Day-of Coordination: pre-ceremony, ceremony, reception, and post-reception.† Ongoing communication with other wedding professionals, supervision of pack-up of gifts, cake(s), accessories, personal items, cleaning and vendor departure (unlimited time).†
  • Our coordinators are equipped with "Day-Of" Emergency Kits* for the unexpected.† (*Aspirin, Sun-Screen, Sewing Kit, etc. as a small sample).
  • Discount on BOTH our Coordinator and DJ Service when bundled together.

Biggest benefit of all:† Our coordinators are on our staff and regularly interface with our DJís.† Since we all work in the same office, we are familiar with each other and utilize the same system/process to structure an event.† So, instead of the confusion created by a separate coordinator who creates a time line that ends up being different from the one you work out with your entertainer, we coordinate with each other...kind of the point, isn't it?!

Many of our customers have found that they can take care of the planning themselves, but they do find the availability of an "extra pair of hands" invaluable and an asset to the success of their event.† Contact our office to see how one of our Event Coordinators can relieve some of the stress of making sure your event runs smoothly.