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Custom T-Shirts

Of course, simple logos or slogans are no problem; however, we have had great response to the shirts we have created where our caricature artist designs a drawing using one of your photographs.† As subject matter, we find out what hobbies or interests the guest/s of honor have and incorporate those into the drawing...sports, school, name it.† Finally, we include your favorite colors and print the t-shirt using special ink that reacts to UV light (a.k.a. Black Lights!).† Then, during the event, we "flood" the dance area with high output black lights and listen to everyone's exclamations as the shirts and special ink really "pop!"† The shirts look great in regular light too, but anytime you wear one near a black light, the added effect will be very fun!

The main image may be placed on the front or back of the shirt.† If you choose to place the image on the back, a logo type design may also be placed on the front of the shirt.† You can view some samples below from events where we have performed.† Although these were for Mitzvahs, a custom shirt can be created and worn at any type of events, weddings, etc.† You should see a wedding dress under a UV Wash (special black light fixture)...WOW!!!

Contact us early in your planning process to ensure that we have enough time to create the design, proof it and print the shirts.

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