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Current Special Offers

The media has been playing up the housing crises as well as other economic challenges recently.  On the other hand, many analysts have stated that the economy is fundamentally sound.  Whether the economy is truly in bad or good shape, one thing is certain, people are making sure that every dollar counts.
At AES, we want to do what we can to encourage you to move forward with planning the special event that you have been considering.  Some have decided to opt for an iPod™ connected to a stereo.*  In other cases they have settled for a friend who offered to DJ for free or hired a DJ or band simply because they were cheap.  In these cases the results have been less than stellar, and more often than not left the customer with regrets.  This being the case, take a look at our specials that can give you the best of both worlds...Quality AND Affordability!
*If you have decided to use your iPod, Zune or other input device as your entertainment source, take a look at our DIY-DJ option to ensure a successful non-stop event.

BOGO 1/2

You can apply this offer in a variety of ways... rehearsal dinners, bachelor or bachelorette parties, showers, etc.  When you reserve our services for your wedding reception, we'll also provide a Disc Jockey to perform at any other event related to your wedding for 1/2 our regular rate!  Since "variety is the spice of life," the fact that we have multiple staff members allows us to offer you the choice of a different DJ for each event if you prefer to mix it up a little.

Economy Stinks!

This special has been very popular with our clients!  Everyone has loved the name, because we can all relate.  The special is not a fixed dollar or percentage...simply call us with the details of your event, and we will quote our regular price as well as the discount that we are offering.  Not having a fixed dollar amount in mind for the discount allows us even more flexibility to try to work within your budget.

Competitive Match

We work hard to earn your trust and business.  If you have looked through our website and/or received a recommendation for our services then you have hopefully realized that AES is the premier provider of reliable entertainment and has been doing so since 1983.  So, quality is not the issue, but your budget may still be.

Our owner has made it clear that we are to do everything in our power to not lose your business.  If you have spoken with a legitimate competitor* who has quoted you a price lower than ours, we'll do what we can to meet or beat that price when you bring us a copy of their contract.

*Legitimate is defined as someone who normally works in the special events industry as a career and is willing to offer a contract to you outlining their responsibilities.  We hope you understand that offers by a friend or family member to provide services for free or as a barter are not included in this offer.