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Kids Childrens Party
Alps Road Elementary 2008

When it comes to a party for your child, you have several options.  Kids often love things that you might not have given a second thought to...extensive dance floor lighting including action freezing strobes, blacklights that make white shirts (and fingernail polish!) "pop," intelligent lighting, mirror ball and multi-colored lighting effects, fog and snow machines (yes, snow!)...not to mention the latest music (clean versions, of course).  And what about that "thumpin" bass that drives you crazy but the kids think is a "must have."  Or, how about a clown, "moonwalk/bounce," or trackless "train."  We're happy to discuss other options that you would like to consider as well.

Why AES?

  •  Age Appropriate Activities – Non-Stop Fun from the Beginning to the End of the Event.
  • Professionally Trained DJs - You''ll see the difference!  Fun, professional and listen to your concerns.
  • Awesome Music – Edited and Up To Date.
  • Cool Lights & Effects – The Latest in Intelligent Lighting, Fog, Snow, UV Washes, and Classic Colorful Dance Floor Lighting.
  • Great Sound – You’ll Love How Awesome your Favorite Songs Sound on Our Professional Systems.
  • Affordable Packages - Unique Packages Custom Made for Schools.
  • Event planning assistance 
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We are frequently hired to perform at kids' private parties as well as at school Theme Parties (sock hops, disco nights, 80's nights, etc.), Fall Festivals and Spring Field Days, and yet, these clients could have had somebody (a teacher, parent or coach) DJ for free.  So why do they hire us?  There are many reasons...professional grade sound and lighting equipment, current / clean music, and experience... teachers are great at teaching, our DJ's are great at DJ'ing and the kids can tell the difference between a volunteer who is just filling in and a regular entertainer.  Plus, what kid wants to dance in front of an adult he/she knows?  You know the answer to that as well as we do.  In a kid's eyes, that's about as un-cool as it gets!
And what about elementary school age children?  Several of our regular school events include this age bracket, and although it may seem like these would be among the easiest of our events, they actually require the most energy!  We have received several comments in the past from administrators, teachers and chaparones that they personally were worn out after a couple of dances, and they couldn't imagine keeping up the pace that we do for an hour at a time!!
For grade schoolers, we recommend splitting up your event based on grade level, i.e. Kindergarten and 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 4th and 5th.  Our experience has shown us that these groups work well together because their emotional ages are similar.  For example, you probably don't want to mix Kindergarten and 5th graders, because they don't want to do the same things.  The youngest will love dances like the Chicken Dance and Hokey Pokey while the 5th graders will stand around acting bored, because those dances are just not "cool" for them...after all, they are the "seniors" of the elementary school world!!
The same logic applies to the other grades.  And, notice that we mentioned an "hour" timeframe.  For the youngest, 30-45 minutes may be plenty, whereas for the older kids, an hour and a half may be more appropriate.  Typically, when we perform at an elementary school function, we will schedule between 3 and 5 dances for the various age groups to run consecutively... something that may not have occured to you if you are used to planning events for high school age and into adulthood which are often 3 or more hours in length per event.  At each of these "mini" dances, we keep the kids solidly busy the entire time with all kinds of music related activities...Cha Cha Slide, Electric Slide, Cupid Shuffle, 500 Mile Dance, Activity Dance, Limbo, Conga Line, Hula name it.  It's very fast paced and a ton of fun for the you know a little more about why our customers would much rather we take care of the DJ'ing!